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If you have won a civil judgment against a person or company who either cannot be found or who simply refuses to pay, then our judgment recovery services are what you need.

The Tyson Group
Judgment Recovery Specialists
We specialize in enforcing judgments in both civil & small claims 

cases in Riverside County Courts.
Serving all of Riverside County.

We are a local judgment enforcement company located in Menifee, CA. We enforce judgments in the Riverside County Court system including Riverside, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Banning and Indio courts. By being a local judgment enforcement company we can offer a more personalized approach in collecting your judgment.

If you don't know how to make the other party pay your judgment or don’t have the time to force them to pay you, then contact us. Our professional Judgment Collections service does just that - we collect your monetary judgment by enforcing the financial obligation of the debtor at no cost or fee to you, ever.

We will locate the other party and any assets they may have and levy them, usually without their knowledge. We pay for all of the court fee’s and pay the sheriff’s fee to seize their assets. We will appear at any required court appearance. 

Once we obtain the necessary information on your debtors finances, we employ various legal enforcement methods to seize/attach/garnish the assets, to satisfy your judgment. 

Getting started is easy, we complete and file all of the required court forms and do all the work so your schedule is not interrupted. 

Call us for a free evaluation or go to our contact page and complete the information.